Friday, March 7, 2014

Fiverr? more like a Fourr is a marketplace where various and sundry, and believe me, I mean various and sundry items, services and ideas are sold. As a buyer, you can find just about anything you want, or somethings you could never imagine, just for the low low price of, you guessed it, five bucks.

Recently, I read a book that recommended that even self published books need professional covers. One source suggested was fiverr. I figured that all I had to lose was five bucks, so why not give it a try?

I looked through the many profiles and advertisements offering a book cover design. I selected one and placed my order.

Immediately, I received a message:

"From you I need the title, subtitle(optional) and author name, seems obvious I know but you'd be amazed how many people forget ;)
In terms of cover design it helps if you can
1. Provide examples of styles of covers you're aiming for
2. Give me a rough idea of what you'd like on the cover
3. If you'd like to provide your own image that's fine too
Obviously this is all totally dependent on the type of book you're looking to publish :) "

No big worry, I took this message as a good sign, and that I was going to get some input on the design of my cover. I responded:

"I self published this book and want to experiment. I would love to see how much difference a professional book cover will make. I expect it will be measurable, although this is a niche book as it is.

I have attached the current front cover. I am open to your expertise on this cover. I don't have anything particular in mind, but I know that someone like you can do a much better job than I did.

The audience for this book is very conservative and religious. We don't use a cross as a symbol of worship, so please refrain from that. 

The book is a commentary on The Book of Mormon, a book that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints revere as scripture.

If you would like more info as far as what may or may not be appropriate on the cover, just drop me a line. I'm excited to see what you come up with and hope this is the beginning of a good business partnership as I have other books planned in the future.

Thanks! "

I felt like my response, while not entirely direction oriented, was sufficient to give someone an idea that I was looking for a religious style cover and would like them not to use the cross on the cover.

For someone who apparently designs a lot of covers at $5 a pop, the response I received was bothersome.

"Sorry I've got no idea what you want for this cover

All the best"

Huh? That's odd. I gave you direction as you requested. I guess what you really mean is that you will put elements on a page exactly where i tell you, instead of designing a cover. 

Oh well, I'm going to work on finding another "designer" just to give it another go, maybe I'll get the same message.

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